How to Hide Recycle Bin Shortcut in Windows 11


If you want to have a clean desktop without any shortcut, usually you have to remove all of program shortcuts. But there is one shortcut that you can't remove from your desktop, it is recycle bin.

As you can see, there is no remove or delete option for recycle bin shorcut. Actually, you can't completely remove the recycle bin shortcut, but you can hide the shortcut with few steps. Let's try it.

Open windows settings and then go to personalization settings. In the personalization settings, select theme.

Click the desktop icon settings and then will show the pop up like this

In the pop up, you can see that the recycle bin option is checked. You should uncheck the option for hiding recycle bin shortcut. Click apply and ok. Now look at your desktop again.

Now your desktop looks clean and elegant.

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