How to Make the Huawei E3372 Modem Internet Network More Stable


Hello, This time I want to share how I can make my internet network more stable. Before I start, I want to tell you a little about why I used a modem for my internet network.

Since I was a child in my hometown, it was very difficult to network. GSM, 3G, and 4G networks are all available. The network source for my village is the BTS antennas from Telkomsel and Indosat, which are far away from the other villages. If you want to use the internet or make a phone call at my house, you must hang your phone from a window or a cupboard. This is because the signal can be lost when the phone is held and moves. Haha.

Until finally, when I migrated to become a student and returned home, it turned out that I was able to use the 4G network. I still remember that at that time, a lot of children gathered at one point in the village to play cellphones. I am very happy that this village can finally have a fairly fast network. But I was also a little disappointed because it turned out that at my house it was still difficult to catch the 4G network. Only places closer to the BTS antenna get the network.

Finally, when I went back to college, I looked for references and finally found a way to get stable internet using a modem, router, and additional antenna.

Using Additional Antennas

Using an additional antenna was the first thing that came to my mind when I first used this modem. The Huawei E3372 type modem that I use is indeed equipped with an additional antenna slot on the side of the modem.

For antennas, there are lots of things you can use. One of them, I used an antenna like this:

For the connector from the antenna to the modem, I had to use a converter like this:

This connector is usually called a pigtail.

How to use it Simply install the antenna in a high place and point it to the available BTS antenna. Then connect the cable from the antenna to the pigtail and then connect the pigtail connector to the antenna port on the modem.

Using Additional Router

After using the additional antenna, I don't want to plug the modem directly into my laptop. Besides being a hassle, I also have to turn on my laptop every time for a network hotspot to my cellphone and my parents' cellphone. Therefore, I use an additional router.

Additional routers are also very useful to increase network stability because, of course, they already use the appropriate electricity and special network devices.

I'm using a 4G router which already has a USB port for my modem, which is the TP-Link TLMR 3020 V3 router.

This router is very cheap. As I recall, I bought it from an online store for IDR 190,000.

This router is very simple and easy to use because we just plug the modem into the existing USB port and then the power source can use a cellphone charger or a powerbank (very useful for my place, which is prone to power outages).

Lock To 4G Network Only

In my place, the 4G network is often lost, causing my modem to always switch from 4G to GSM. That's why I locked my modem network to 4G only so that the modem continues to use the 4G network and doesn't move around. Make sure the modem is activated and you are connected to the network from the modem. Login to the modem's administrative website via a browser at the address So it looks like this:

Note: The web display may be different because there are several versions of the modem and also firmware updates.

After that, go to the settings menu-> network settings.

After that, in the Prefered Mode section, please select LTE Only. Then press "Apply". It is not mandatory, but you should reboot the modem so the changes can load properly.

Done. I have used the methods above for a long time and they have proved to be very helpful, especially at that time when the corona attack came and I had to study online from my village.

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