Why did I choose Blogger for my blogging platform?


Blogging was one activity that I wanted to do a couple of years ago. I've tried many different content management systems like Blogger, Wordpress, or Medium. But I can't keep writing posts and I'm leaving my blog for no reason. The fact is that the domain name for this blog was already registered a long time ago but not used.

Several times ago, I wanted to start my blog again. Fortunately, this domain is still unregistered.

Then why did I choose Blogger?

I am not comparing CMS in this post. I only want to share my personal reasons. Actually, I used to prefer Wordpress instead of Blogger just because WordPress is more customizable than Blogger. From the design to the features, it's very customizable. I simply install the desired theme or plugin. But I've come to realize that WordPress hindered me from generating material since I was too busy with the theme and plugins.

Finally, I've chosen Blogger. I want to use the Simple CMS. I want to write content. I don't need tons of customization. Besides that, I also don't want to bother with securing my website from internet attacks. Since Blogger is managed by Google, I completely leave security, updates, and feature additions to them. I don't mind that. Blogger is also very easy to use, very simple, and hassle-free for me. Therefore, I chose Blogger for my blogging platform.

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