Wifi FTP Server - The Best File Transfer Application From Android To PC Via Wifi


Transferring files from an Android to a PC is very easy to do using wifi. Currently, there are many applications that use this technique, such as Share It. I myself used to use the Share It application. But most applications like that have so many ads that appear that it feels very annoying. Indeed, we can usually remove the ads that appear by subscribing or purchasing, but I think the price is too expensive for me. Finally, I looked for an alternative application and I found an application in the playstore with the name Wifi FTP Server.

If you look for it in the play store, just type "Wifi FTP Server" and select an application like this.

This application also has a pro version (paid), which is very cheap and you only need to pay it once. I myself use the pro version of the application.

The way this application works is by creating an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server on your Android phone. Then you can access it via an FTP Client application such as FileZilla or I highly recommend the WinSCP application.

How to Use a WiFi FTP Server to Transfer Files

Don't forget to install the Wifi FTP Server application first through the play store! Also, download the WinSCP application here and install it on your computer. Activate the hotspot on your Android phone, then connect the computer to your Android phone's hotspot. Open the wifi ftp server application. Activate the ftp server by pressing the start button that appears so that it becomes like this. 

To make it easier to record the server information, it is provided as follows:

URL of the server:

Userid: android

Password: android

Open the WinSCP application that has been installed, then on the menu at the top, select session-> new session.

Then a popup will appear like this:

There you can enter the server information provided by the wifi FTP server application.

In the FTP protocol section, select FTP, then you can fill in the host name with the IP address in the server url information. Fill in the port number with the port at the end of the server url (after the colon), which is 2221. Enter the username and password according to the information provided by the wifi ftp server application, then press Login.

After login is complete, WinSCP will display a list of files and folders in your phone's internal memory like this:

On the left is a list of folders and files on your computer, while on the right is a list of folders and files on your phone.

To transfer from cellphone to computer, you just drag & drop files on the right to the left, and vice versa to transfer from computer to cellphone.

You can also right-click and select copy, then right-click again on the destination folder and select paste. The method is the same as using the file explorer on Windows.

Additional information

You can also use an existing wifi network, like at home or at the office, so you don't need to activate a hotspot on your Android phone. The trick is to connect the cellphone and computer to the same wifi network.

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